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BX-Ray Unit
BDental X-Ray
  Computerized Dental X-Ray
  Dental Imaging
  Dental Camera
  Digital Panoramic
  OS 500
  OS 1000 (transversal slicing tomography)
BMedical X-Ray
  General Purpose X-Ray
  100 mA with fixed bucky table
  200 mA with floating bucky table
300 mA with floating bucky table
  500 mA with R/F tilting table
  850 mA with Remote R/F tilting table
BMobile X-Ray
BC-Arm Unit
  Abdominal, orthopaedic, Urology and cardiology surgery
  Intervention Procedures
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BUltra Sound Graphy (USG)
BKUI - 110 : - MUlti Technology
  B/W monitor
  Auto Frequency Adjustment
BKUI - 330 : - Multi Technology
  Color monitor
  Auto Frequency Adjustment
  Color Doppler
  3D Image
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  X-ray Film Processor Machine
  X-Ray Film
  Film Cassette
  Fim Transfer Box
  Film Hanger
  Tank Developer
  Lead Marker
  Film Dryer
  Viewer Single
  Viewer Double
  Safety Lamp
  X-ray Protection Screen
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BOthers : on Request